Give your hair volume with these 6 completely natural tips

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Give your hair volume with these 6 completely natural tips
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Fed up of thin hair that is lacking in volume? Here are six completely natural tips which will give intensity to your mop of hair!

1/ Dry your hair from below

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After washing your hair the next step is to blow dry it.  So as to give more volume to your hair, tip your head and brush your hair from below using the blow dryer dry your hair.

2/ Hair curlers 

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Do you have a bit of spare time? After you have washed your hair, pull out your hair curlers from the cupboard and roll your hair from the tips until the roots. When you remove the rollers you’ll have voluminous and wavy locks.

3/ Rinse your hair with oat milk 

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Boil 4 tablespoons of oats in a litre of water, sieve and then rinse your hair with the mixture.  Your hair will become more voluminous !

4/ Neutral Henna 

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We all know that henna can dye your hair but did you know that it can give volume to your hair?  Mix the neutral henna with very hot water and apply onto your hair.  Wait for 30 minutes or even a bit more depending on the length of your hair and rinse.

Extra info: Henna is also very useful to get rid of oily hair and dandruff.  

5/ Clay mask

Start by choosing the clay that suits your hair type: green, pink or white.  If you have rather oily hair your should choose green clay as it prevents excess of sebum.  When your hair is wet, dilute the clay with warm water and apply it onto your hair.  Leave in your hair for fifteen minutes before rinsing and shampooing.

6/ Beer based hair care

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Yes, beer is not only refreshing but it also helps to give volume to your hair. Mix one cup of beer to two cups of water and pour over your hair.  Massage your scalp and leave in your hair for a few minutes before rinsing.

You can use a similar method with cider vinegar to brighten your luscious locks!

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