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Gifts for granny: 10 perfect presents she will love

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Gifts for granny: 10 perfect presents she will love
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Whether it is a your granny’s birthday or you just want to surprise her when you go and visit, it is always good to have a few gift ideas up your sleeve.  Finding an original or practical gift is not always easy.  This is why we have come up with an excellent list of presents that your granny will love!  Read on to discover 10 perfect gifts for granny! 

Magnificent bouquet of flowers

What better way is there to show your love and affection got your grandmother than a giving her a bouquet of flowers?  Depending on your preferences you can opt for a magnificent bouquet of flowers for your grandmother that will allow you to show how much you care. The most commonly appreciated flowers for sending messages of love are roses, tulips and  hyacinths.   

Indoor herb garden

Another way to appreciate your elders is to offer your grandmother a present that is both useful and nice such as an indoor herb garden.  This way your grandmother can grow her own secret herb garden.  If your grandmother lives in an apartment block then this is an excellent idea as it doesn’t require much effort.

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Massage device

You can take sure of your grandmother by offering her something which will help her to relax and relieve any pain.  A massage device could mean your grandmother can have the relaxing benefits of a massage without having to leave her house.

Beauty product

You can pamper your grandmother by offering her a beauty product.  A hydrating, anti-wrinkle crm or an energizing care product or even a face mask… There are so many options.  You can decide what product will make your grandmother even more beautiful.

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Decorative object for the kitchen

It isn’t a secret, our grandmothers are the guardians of the best recipes in the kitchen.  So as to honour their culinary talents then why not buy your grandmother a kitchen accessory? You could get her a utensil or a decorative object which can feature on her shelves.  You could perhaps get her a personalised magnet for the fridge or a special pinny or cake molds?

A scarf knitted by you

Is your granny and expert knitter and sewer?  You can make her proud by knitting your granny her own scarf made by you.  This attention to detail will show your granny that you have spent time to create her gift and can show your her that you are grateful for all the jumpers that she knitted you by hand.  There are beginners knitting kits available in the shops and online.

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Photo frame filled with souvenirs

You can fill a frame with all your best memories together.  Your grandmother will be delighted to see her young grandchildren grow up and see how times have changed.  This present is also great as it can also be a decoration for her living room.


This is an ideal present for women although not every women that is for sure!  The perfume that you offer your granny can be personalized and well-chosen to the scent that you think will suit her best.

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Tea box

Lastly, if you are looking for a present for your grandmothers birthday and it falls right in the middle of winter there there isn’t a better present to get that a box with all her favourite teas.  Comforting and perfectly adapted to cosy nights in, teas are the best sort of drink to offer your grandmother.

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