Lice: 5 ways to help your cat naturally get rid of them

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Lice: 5 ways to help your cat naturally get rid of them
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When your cat starts to scratch incessantly you’d be right to check to see if they have a few lice now living in their fur. When you know that these lice have taken up residence in your cat’s fur you should react quickly as they can lay up to 50 eggs per day.  Here are 5 natural treatments to try out which are effective at getting rid of lice. 

1) Diatomaceous earth

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You can find this product in an organic supermarket or online.  If you find several types you should choose an an amorphous and non-calcined earth.  This product can also combat ticks and other parasites.  The only thing to remember is to avoid getting it into your pets eyes!  Everything else is simple.  You just need to sprinkle your cats coat in the diatomaceous earth and then brush their fur completely.  Repeat this treatment every 5 days.  You can also put in onto your pet’s fur every week to prevent it from attracting lice.

2) Beer yeast

This always works as it gives your cat’s blood and unpleasant smell while leaving it’s hair silky and shiny like a unicorn coat (without glitter unfortunately). Just add half a teaspoon of powder into your cat’s food bowl. It is a good repellent that is simple to use. With the same principle, you can also add cider vinegar to your cat’s water. (In this article you will find lots of handy tips for using cider vinegar if you are a pet owner.)

3) Black soap

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Does your cat like taking a bath?  You can make the most of it by shampooing your cat with a nugget of soft black soap. Next you should leave it to soak in for 5 minutes, rinse off and dry.  If that seems to be impossible to do, mix hot water and back soap and use this mixture to soak your comb when you give your cat a brush .

4) Eucalyptus infusion

Boil up 5 eucalyptus leaves into 250 ml of water for one minute.  Leave everything to infuse for about 10 minute then leave to cool.  Apply this mixture onto your animals fur as an insecticide which will get rid of lice.

5) Lemon

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Cut up a lemon into two into a bowl and pour in hot water over the to before leaving to infuse overnight.  Filter the mixture and spray it onto you cat by avoiding getting it into it’s eyes.


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