Get ahead of the cold with this delicious scrub for soft, smooth lips

Get ahead of the cold with this delicious scrub for soft, smooth lips
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The parts of us that suffer the most from the cold, yet which we don’t often spare a thought for, are our lips. Subjected to cold temperatures, they dry out to the point of becoming chapped and cracked, with dead skin breaking off them. And of course, you can apply lip balm, or turn to natural solutions such as those we have shown you in previous articles. But sometimes, it’s not enough, and your lips lose their lustre. 

This lip scrub is the perfect preventative measure, and also treats your lips if they have already become dry and sore. It is thanks to the following ingredients that the scrub works such wonders:

  • brown sugar which removes dead skin cells;
  • jojoba oil which hydrates the lips and fights against the reappearance of dryness;
  • peppermint and vanilla which make the product pleasant to use, as well as smelling and tasting great.

What you need:

  • 12 g of brown sugar
  • 5 mls of jojoba oil
  • A half a teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 3 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • A little jar with a cover to store the mixture.


1) Put the sugar into a small container and add the oil, the vanilla extract and the essential oils. Mix well.

2) Spoon the mixture into your pot. It will keep for up to 6 months at room temperature, once protected from light.

Directions for use

1) Use your finger or an old clean toothbrush to apply the scrub to your lips. Scrub your lips for approximately 10 seconds.

2) Rinse your lips with hot water and pat them dry with a towel.

3) Finish by applying your favourite lip balm.