A genius technique for easily re-potting a plant

A genius technique for easily re-potting a plant
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In general, we love the idea that a plant needs re-potting, because it’s a sign that it has grown well and will continue to thrive. It is also an imperative step to ensure that the plant stays healthy, and apart from in the case of orchids, the majority of plants end up needing more space for their roots. However, we don’t always know how best to do re-pot them….

Here is how to re-pot a plant with one genius technique: using the ‘mold’ technique!

What you need:

  • The plant in its old pot
  • A new larger pot
  • Some soil that is suitable for the plant


1) Put the old pot into the new pot, making sure to place it right in the centre.

2) Add the soil so as to fill the space between the two pots.


3) Remove the old pot. You will note that you have an empty space that corresponds to the area in which you should put the plant.

4) Remove the plant from the old pot, and put it into the mold you have formed in the soil of the new pot.

5) Water it well, and the job is done!