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Foot care: Soften your heels with these 6 natural tips

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Foot care: Soften your heels with these 6 natural tips
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When we wear shoes everyday there are some not so glamorous details that can appear on our feet.  We are all guilty of having dirty nails, broken off varnish and sometimes we have to deal with blisters or corns.  However a problem that can cause some grief is dry heels! Here are some excellent foot care techniques that you can easily do at home using natural ingredients to soften your heels. 

1) Improved foot baths

foot care / honey
Credits : Pixabay / Three-shots

Foot baths are a very common way of softening the skin.  Here is an improved foot bath version.  During your bath you should add a tablespoon of honey to warm water.  This ingredient will have an excellent effect on the skin and will leave it softer.

2) Two amazing exfoliators

Credits : Flickr/Andrea_Nguyen

After a foot bath, your corns will be softer and so this is the best time to exfoliate with an effective mixture.  Here are two of our natural exfoliators that you can rub into your skin using circular movements:

  •  Make a mixture made up of honey, cider vinegar and 2 or 3 tablespoons of rice flour.
  • Add powdered oats to jojoba oil.  As well as massaging your skin you can leave for 10 minutes before rinsing.

2) Vegetable oils

Credits : Pixabay / congerdesign

We often do oil baths for our hair so that we can nourish dry ends but we rarely think about using these oils for our skin.  You can however apply olive oil or coconut oil onto your feet, cover your feet with cotton socks and the next day your feet will be soft.  It couldn’t be any simpler.  If you do this regularly your feet will be transformed!

3) Lemon juice and Vaseline

Credits : Pixabay / azzurrodesign

This tip is ideal for corns and very dry skin.  After a foot bath of 15 – 20 minutes, dry your skin carefully.  Onto your heels rub in a mixture of Vaseline and lemon juice and leave it in over night wearing a pair of socks.

4) Paraffin wax

Credits : Wikimedia Commons/Gmhofmann

As well as leaving you heels soft, paraffin can relieve any aches and pains in your feet.  You can mix it with mustard oil or coconut oil.  Heat it the ingredients up together and then apply onto your feet before covering with your soaks.  Leave over night!

5) Yogurt and honey

Credits : Wikimedia Commons/ProjectManhattan

No this is not a dessert recipe!  Mix 125 g of yoghurt with 25 g of honey and apply this paste onto your heels every night.

6) Castor oil

Credits : Flickr/museumdetoulouse

This is fantastic for extremely dry skin as long as there are no wounds.  You can soak a cotton pad and place it on your heel using a plaster to keep it in place.

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