In which foods do we find which vitamins?

In which foods do we find which vitamins?
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We remember from our school days that food contains vitamins which are good for our health. Food manufacturers don’t hold back in terms of citing phenomenal lists of the diverse vitamins their products contain, linked with mysterious letters and numbers. However, the quantities are sometimes so small that you have to ask yourself whether they are genuinely healthy, or if it’s just a marketing trick. 

In the end, we have to be honest…. we know very little about vitamins and the specific foods in which we can find them. What food goes with what vitamin, and what is hidden behind these enigmatic numbers (B6, B12, etc.). And what are the health benefits of each vitamin? Do we need more vitamin A, C, K, etc.? And overall, where can we find the vitamins we need in the food we buy? This simplified guide may help you find some answers to those questions.

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