Flatulence: A herbal tea to alleviate trapped wind

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Flatulence: A herbal tea to alleviate trapped wind
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In today’s article we will have a look at a herbal tea made from cumin seeds.  Used for a millennia for various purposes, this spice is  beneficial for our health and in particular our digestion.  It can help to combat intestinal infections, stomach aches or spasms, bloating, colic and of course alleviate trapped wind!  This remedy is not only very effective, but it is also very easy to prepare and is inexpensive.  Let’s have a look at how you can prepare the perfect herbal tea when you suffer from flatulence! 

What you need:

  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of dried cumin seed (Don’t try and add more as this will be more than enough)
  • 200 ml of water.
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1) Crush the cumin seed so that you can release some of the essential oil.  You can use a mortar and pestle or a simple fork can suffice.
2)  Bring the water to the boil.  Once the water is bubbling you can add the cumin seeds.
3)  Leave everything to infused for about 10 minutes and then filter.
4)  You can drink several times per day, particularly before eating to prevent gas!

You can also chew on a few grains and add it to your dishes for even greater effectiveness.


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