How to fill holes in your walls using… Toothpaste!

How to fill holes in your walls using… Toothpaste!
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Whether you are a DIY amateur or not, holes left in the wall due to screws, nails or pins that were used t hold up pictures can be a nightmare to fill if you are renting a property and need the place to be perfect to get your deposit back. Here is a brilliant trick, quick and cheap it will solve the problem without having to spend money on filler.

  • Find some toothpaste which is pure white. It would not work if you try and fill the hole with traces of red, green or blue!
  • Apply a thin coat of toothpaste into the hole and smooth with a clean finger. Repeat until you have a perfectly smooth covered hole.
  • Once you have finished you can admire your white walls and use the rest of the toothpaste to clean your bathroom and kitchen tiles as well as the seals to then look like new.

A quick and easy trick so you can get your deposit back. Obviously this will only work if you have white walls and small holes!

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