Feeling ill: 10 foods you shouldn’t eat

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Feeling ill: 10 foods you shouldn’t eat
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We can’t say often enough that our health relies a lot on what we eat.  When we are feeling ill choosing what is best to eat is just as important as getting back on form and fighting the microbes that are pulling us down.  However are there foods that can help you get better quicker and others that will just make you feel worse for longer? Well the answer is yes.  Here are 8 examples of foods that you are best to avoid when you are feeling ill. 

1) Alcohol

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Other than the fact that alcohol is not very good for your health, it is even less so when you are ill.  Alcohol is not recommended when you are taking medication whether it is antibiotics or paracetamol.  How the ethanol in alcohol is a form of sugar.  Sugar slows down metabolism and affects the liver from functioning as it should.  As a result the liver is not as good at fighting against toxins, in particular those that are produced by a virus.

2) Spicy foods

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It is better that you avoid eating spicy food unless you are used to eating it daily.  Spicy food can create mini inflammations in your body which you don’t need if your body is already being subject to inflammation caused by an infection.

3) Fatty foods

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Fatty foods can be a real source of comfort for some people however they are not recommended when you are ill.  In fact they can make you feel more tired when your body is already suffering.  The body is also not able to resist bacteria as the digestive system is working overtime…  This is a bad idea especially when you know that 70% of our immunity defense are found in our intestine.  To put it simply, eating fatty food only reduces the effectiveness of your immune system.

4) Very hot teas

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Do you think that you need to drink very hot tea to soothe your rough throat which is making you cough? You should know that by doing this you will just achieve the opposite effect and your throat will be more inflamed than before.  A hot drink can make loosen up secretions but a boiling hot drink won’t hep you out.  A warm herbal infusion can also do wonders.  Although orange juice is great at helping your immune system the acidity is not nice for your throat.

5) Cheese

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If you are suffering from an ear infection or a cold or any ENT infection you should stop eating dairy products for a while, in particular cheese.  Cheese contains several components mentioned earlier that are not good to eat when you are ill like sugar (lactose) which can slow down your metabolism and harm your liver.  Dairy products can also increase mucus production in the digestive organs which is not exactly what you are looking to do… especially when you already have a nose that is running non-stop!

6) Cakes

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They are rich in refined sugar which can weaken the immune system and can prevent white blood cells from doing their work.  They make the liver work overtime so that it can hardly eliminate all the toxins that clog up the body.

7) Muesli or other rough foods

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If your throat is sore because you are suffering from angina or laryngitis, then it is not going to be much fun eating foods that are going to aggravate your throat even more.  Foods like crisps, muesli, nuts  and bread are all rough foods that can make your throat even more inflamed.  Instead you should choose foods that are both smooth and soft or even liquid like compotes, broth (not hot remember) and purees. You should also forget about eating acidic foods if you want to look after your throat.

8) Gluten

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If you have a cold or another ENT infection you should limit how much gluten that you eat.  Foods that contain gluten can be difficult for your body to digest and can encourage mucus production.  Say no to pizza, biscuits and bread but instead choose, fruit, vegetables and rice.


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