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Fantastic ways to use clay at home

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Fantastic ways to use clay at home
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Clay might seem like a basic product but it is also a product that can surprise us.  You can use clay for many things from cleaning your bathroom to using it in cosmetics.  However clay can also be used for many other purposes at home from dehumidifying rooms to getting rid of bad smells.  It is economical, absorbing and can keep forever.  Here are a few basic clay uses that you can use to maintain your household. 

1) Getting rid of bad smells

You can leave a cup filled with clay in your fridge or a drawer to get rid of bad smells.  If you are fed up of having a smelly bin you can also sprinkle a bit of this clay at the bottom of your bin before you put the bin liner.  This avoid any foul smells from developing.

2) Reduce moisture

By putting a few cups of clay here and there especially in humid rooms, you will prevent moisture and the build up of mold.  If your clay softens after a bit of time it means that you should discard the clay and refill your cup.

3) Feeding your indoor plants

Your plants also deserve to be pampered!  There is nothing complicated about sprinkling a little clay onto the soil.  When you water your plants the clay will nourish your plant and help to moisten the pot.

4) Getting rig of a greasy strain from clothes or fabric (rug, car seat, bed sheets…)

Simply sprinkle a little clay onto the aforesaid mark and leave it to absorb for the grease for about half and hour.  Scrub vigorously and then clean with soapy water.

5) Shine  copper objects

All you need to do to clean a copper objects is to use a moist sponge and then scrub powdered clay.  Finish up by rinsing and by glossing the object with a soft clean cloth.

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