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Fantastic tips to combat dry eyes or dark circles!

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Fantastic tips to combat dry eyes or dark circles!
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The contours of our eyes is an area that we can often neglect. The slightest fatigue, dryness or swellings from bags can have an effect on our complexion.  Often we look more tired or older than we really are.  This is why you should always take good care of the area surrounding your eyes.  Here are two fantastic tips using natural products to keep your eyes bright and beautiful!  You can either one depending on what suits your needs the best, whether you have dry eyes or dark circles!

1) Avocado oil to help combat dryness and bags under your eyes

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Avocado oil is an economical way to combat bags under your eyes or wrinkled skin due to dehydration.  You can also use the oil in a mask form on your visage to prevent any dry patches of skin.  This oil doesn’t have a very strong perfume and it is simple to apply onto your skin to give your complexion a bit of brightness.

What you need:

  • A bottle of organic avocado oil


1) Apply drop or two of this oil onto your hands.

2) Massage your eyes with this oil morning and night. Try and use your third finger (ring finger) so as to give this fragile area a gentle massage.  If you wear makeup, just use this oil at night so it doesn’t remove any of your product.

You can also make a compress with avocado oil and a cornflower floral water for about 15 minutes one time per week.

2) An extremely effective recipe using calophylle oil to get rid of dark circles

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Dark circles and bags under your eyes are often due to vascular problems which is while calophylle oil is good to use.  This oil boost circulation.  In fact it can also be used in cases of heavy legs or varicose veins.  You can use this oil on its own or for a more complete face care product we advise you to add some essential oils. Immortelle helichrysum essential oil is anti-hematoma and boosts circulation while matricaria essential oil soothes, acts as a decongestant and is anti-inflammatory.

What you need:

  • 20 ml calophylle oil
  • 2 drops of Immortelle helichrysum essential oil
  • 2 drops matricaria essential oil
  • 1 glass bottle (tinted if possible)


1) Mix the ingredients into your glass bottle respecting the correct doses.  This area is too fragile for you to use essential oils excessively.

2)  Use a single drop (no more) and then heat up the oil between your index finger and thumb.

3) Apply this oil both morning and night except if you are going to wear make up.  Use these two movements to apply the oil.

  • backward and forward movements using the back of the index finger.
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  • soft pressure using the index and ring finger so that you can drain the area.
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