Excessive sweating: 4 tips to sweat less

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Excessive sweating: 4 tips to sweat less
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We often take a disliking for perspiration as we don’t understand the process.  We believe that it is our sweat which makes us smell when it is in fact the bacteria on our body.  Sweating is deemed unsightly however many of us do not know that our sweat is crucial in regulating our body temperature.  You can’t stop sweating altogether however your try some useful tips to regulate and combat sweating odors.  Read on to find out 4 great examples. 

1) Sage

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A simple sage infusion or a mother tincture of sage can help regulate your perspiration.  You can add 15 to 20 drops of sage tincture to a glass of water and drink this infusion twice per day.  However both are excellent options.

2) Milk for a essential oil bath

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Essential oils can not mix with water so instead take three tablespoons of powdered milk and add 3 drops of the following essential oils: lavender, chamomile, thyme at rosemary.  These oils will prevent sweat from fermenting and will disinfect the skin.  You can then add 3 drops of milk thistle, horsetail and sage oil to help combat excessive sweating.  Add this milk mixture to your bath and relax.

3) Powdered deodorant

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Get a hold of leaves from plants that can help regulate perspiration such as sage, horsetail or even agaric.  Dry out the leaves and make a powder by mixing the dried leaves with a talc powder. Now all you have to do is apply this mixture under your arms like a usual deodorant and inside your shoes.

4) Liquid deodorant

Boil 40 g of birch bark, 40g of oak bark, 50 g of lavender flowers and 50 g of walnut leaves into a litre of water for two minutes.  Leave to infuse for 10 minutes off the heat and then filter.  Carefully rub the liquid onto your underarms and your feet.  The mixture will keep for 10 days in the fridge.


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