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Excellent homemade recipe to nourish and moisturise skin in the shower

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Excellent homemade recipe to nourish and moisturise skin in the shower
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Hydrating and nourishing shower milks have exploded onto the market fairly recently with one simple promise.  These milks will take care of your skin while you are under the shower instead of the fateful step of applying cream to your body after you come out the shower. This can be a step that many of those who are a bit lazy skip or forget about as they don’t have the patience to wait for the cream to dry.  Some don’t wait long enough and find that they are constantly sticking to things.  However this homemade recipe is simple.  All you need to do is to rinse your skin, apply the body milk and then rinse your skin again.  As we love this simple idea we want to share a natural recipe with you that will help keep your skin hydrated and nourished this winter. 

What you need:

  • 100 g of shea butter
  • 15 g bees wax granules
  • 40 g of coconut oil
  • 30 ml of jojoba oil
  • 30 ml Aloe vera gel
  • Optional: 5 to 10 of a non-irritant essential oil (lavender…)


1) Put the shea butter, bees wax and coconut oil into a bowl and melt it over a bain-marie.  Mix until is melted and well incorporated.

2) Remove the mixture from the heat and then leave to cool and solidify a little for about half an hour.

3)  When the mixture has a more solidified and thicker texture, use an electric mixer to beat your mixture for one or two minutes so that it is lighter more aerated and easier to apply.

4) Add the last ingredients and beat again until you have a good texture and the mixture is perfect.  Decant into a clean, sterilised and airtight glass container.

How to use it:

When you take a shower rinse your body as usual.  Then apply this product onto your body while it is still wet (a small amount will be more than enough) and then leave for a minute before rinse with clean water and then dry your body.  Your skin will feel incredibly soft and smooth!


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