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What essential oils suits your skin type?

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What essential oils suits your skin type?
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Essential oils are great when you know how to use them. With their fresh scents and their antibacterial or soothing properties, essential oils can be used to complement homemade cosmetics. These oils can be a great help if you use the right oil for type of skin you are trying to manage.  But do you know what oil is best suited to your skin? Read on and you’ll find out! 

There are some precautions you should be wary of.  Essential oils are rarely used pure as they are normally diluted with oils or cream.  Some people such as pregnant ladies, breastfeeding ladies and children should be cautious about using certain essential oils.  Finally you should always make a test in the crux of your elbow to find out if you are allergic.  Wait more than 24 hours to see if you have an allergic reaction which will come out in red blemishes or spots

Spotty skin

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Often tea tree essential oil comes to mind when you are suffering from a spotty complexion.  This oil is both antibacterial and purifying which helps to clean and treat the skin.  Less well known but perhaps even more impressive is niaouli essential oil (paperbark tea tree) as it is bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and antiviral.  Lots of people find this oil is more effective than tea tree.  Lavender oil and Lemon eucalyptus oil are also useful oils to have if you suffer from spotty skin.  Like tea tree they can help to disinfect, remove bacteria, help the skin to heal and calms swollen skin.

If you have severe acne or your spots are infected, you can opt for geranium bourbon essential oil which helps to heal, is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

For skin that has acne scars you can choose lavender essential oil of even rosewood essential oil.

Dry skin

If creams and other ointments are enough to combat problems with dry skin head for essential oils next! Mixing soothing essential oils such as chamomile and ylang-ylang with a a vegetable oil can help to sooth, soften and nourish your skin. Almond oil is soft and ideal for dry or sensitive skin.

Oily Skin

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If you suffer from oily skin then you should chose the queen of all essential oils, lavender essential oil.  It helps to purify the skin as well as having properties which helps to dry out the skin. To make the properties even more effective you can add three drops of your oil to an adapted vegetable oil.  For people with oily skin, jojoba oil is good choice as it similar to your skin’s natural sebum and doesn’t make your skin heavy or rosehip oil.

Sensitive Skin

This is a very common type of skin and calm effect people with both dry and oily skin. You can use Roman chamomile essential oil or even ilang-ilang oil to help manage your sensitive skin.  Both oils can help to relieve redness on the skin or niggling tingles or itchiness.  When choosing your vegetable oil opt for almond oil which also suits dry skin!

Rosacea skin

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If you suffer from rosacea then the only and best oil for you is Helichrysum essential oil which is very beneficial at encouraging microcirculation. This is why this oil is recommend for those of you who want to combat roscea!

Mature skin

This “problem” will affect us all one day although it is a fact that we never want to accept. Damas rose essential oil is great for combating wrinkles.  It is an expensive essential oil but it is one of the rarest and it can really help and show it’s effectiveness.  Frankincense oil can also be a good choice and the two together can help to smooth and regenerate aging skin. Rose geranium can also help oily skin while orange flower will be better at helping dry or sensitive skin.  As for the best vegetable oil to use,  think about evening primrose oil, borage oil or argan oil.

Freckled skin

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You can add a few drops of carrot essential oil to your usual cream to help to renew your skin which will help to reduce the appearance of freckles slowly by surely.

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