End limescale build up in your kettle with this helpful tip

Limescale build up
End limescale build up in your kettle with this helpful tip
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Even in warm weather, we all love a cup of tea, whether it’s black, with a dash of milk or a herbal infusion.  This daily pleasure allows us to stay hydrated and often depending on what we decide to drink it can also be good for our health. However our kettle can quickly start to suffer from our daily tea ritual.  If you notice limescale build up, here is a extremely helpful tip to effectively clean it all away! 

What you need :

  • White vinegar or alcohol
  • A large glass
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The video :

The steps :

1) Fill your glass with vinegar and pour it into the kettle.

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2) Boil the kettle as you would with water. Once boiled pour out the vinegar.

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3)  Rinse the kettle several times with clean water.  Don’t forget this step as you don’t want your next cup of tea to have the delicious taste of vinegar! To finish the cleaning process fill your kettle with a little water, boil and then empty.

Video screenshot

Before :

Video screenshot

After :

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