Easy trick to instantly dry your nail varnish!

Easy trick to instantly dry your nail varnish!
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The varnish is beautiful, it is colorful and it matches your outfit. Only to apply varnish can take time, in particular because of the drying which sometimes takes 10 minutes depending on the brand. Here is an easy tip that will allow you to dry your varnish in a few seconds only.

By blowing on it, with your mouth or a hair dryer, shaking your hands in the open air … we have already desperately tried to dry our nails faster. It is so annoying when we dare to rub our fingers while the varnish is not quite dry. No more tears and an endless wait for drying. Simply spray your freshly manicured nails with spray oil or soak them for a few seconds in olive oil. They will be simultaneously dry and you will finally be ready to use your hands without smudging your varnish! 

Source : Trucs et bricolages