Dogs: 4 natural tips to treat their paw pads

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Dogs: 4 natural tips to treat their paw pads
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The pads are the most sensitive area of your dog’s paws.  Underneath the important hardened layer is a hidden under-layer where the tissue is irrigated and very fragile.  Therefore this area is not free from sores or little cuts. When the pad is hurt your dog suffers which is an unbearable situation for you. 

So as to avoid these little nuisances it is important to be prepared as this can reduce any uncertainty.  Therefore you should be aware of a few natural tips to relieve their paw pads.  Now they’ll be able to go and fetch sticks without any bother at all!

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1/ Soften their pads

In winter the pads of your dogs paw are subjected to chapped skin and little cracks.  This cracked skin can be caused by ground that is too hot, lack of water or even pads that are sensitive to the wild.  Products are available on the internet or in your vets which can help to soften and soothe your dog’s pads.  However if you’d like to choose a more natural option you can use the skin of a banana by rubbing the inside of the skin onto their affected pads.

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2 /  Calming a burn

A simple burn can be really painful for your dog.  However a simple potato can come to your aide.  If your dog gets burnt you can calm the burn with an ice cube covered in a cloth and then place a slice of potato underneath.  This will help the injury to heal better.

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3 / Encourage a better healing process

As explained above, a slice of potato is very effective at healing a wound.   Otherwise you can also use honey which can help heal injuries including burns.

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4 / Mosturise and soothe inflammation

Do you use olive oil when you cook?  Keep a little aside for moisturising and calming inflammation that is generally caused by cleaning products as well as salt that is found on snowy or icy pavements.  Simply pour a few drops onto a tissue or cloth and the rub your dog’s pads. 

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If your dog has been cut, a simple gash can lead to excessive bleeding.  It can also be very painful for your dog.  If the cut is bleeding a lot then it is strongly advised that you don’t use alcohol.  Instead you should choose an iodine solution or a chlorhexidine based solution such as Biseptine scrub or Mercryl.  You should then cover up the would with a bandage and then take your dog to the vet.


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