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Diet: 2 tips to help combat the need to snack with essential oils

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Diet: 2 tips to help combat the need to snack with essential oils
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Tips for combating the need to snack are always useful when you want to lose weight.  These handy pieces of advice will benefit those who are always thinking about food and who will never say no to a sugary or savory treat which is never too healthy. The following tips will help you to reduce your need to snack and your annoyance when you try to resist the temptation! 

We recommend that you use these mixtures to help you out.  However they should be used wisely and never used to replace a meal.  You should therefore use these tips alongside a balanced and healthy diet including doing regular exercise.

1) Ceylon cinnamon and clove

Prepare a little bottle to mix these two essential oils by splitting it 50/50.  When you want to use this mixture all you need to do is open the bottle and take a long in breathe and inhale the aromas.  Surprising and effective!

2) Lemon or mandarin

At any point throughout the day, take a spoonful of honey and add a drop of your chosen essential oil.  You repeat this process later in the day to prevent any hunger pangs.


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