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How to make a delicious face scrub using day to day ingredients

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How to make a delicious face scrub using day to day ingredients
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Lots of people see scrubs as a superfluous step in their beauty routine.  It is true that your skin will naturally renew itself every month.  However with pollution, UV lights, age and even stress our cells can become lazy.  If this is the case dead skin can accumulate, your skin can thicken, your blood circulation and skin oxygenation works less well, wrinkles can become more prominent and your complexion is less radiant.   However a face scrub keeps your pores clean and small so as to combat any imperfections. Your skin will be firmer and softer with a more radiant and smooth complexion!  

To put it simply a scrub helps the skin to breath. Afterwards your other care produces have a free playing field to work more effectively.  Now that you understand the importance of a scrub, let’s show you one of our cutest scrubs yet!

What you need:

  • A lemon
  • Castor or brown sugar (or a mix of the two)
  • Honey


1) Cut the lemon in two.  You don’t need to make two halves a third will be enough to carry out this homemade face mask.

2) Rub the honey and sugar onto the inside of your lemon.

3) Use this to exfoliate the skin.

What out: lemon juice can squirt a bit so you can always cover yourself with a towel.

4) Scrub your face with the preparation for as long as you think you need to.  You can always add more sugar if you no longer feel the grains on your face.

5) Leave you face to rest for a bit before rinsing with cool water.

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