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Conjunctivitis: How to make a chamomile compress

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Conjunctivitis: How to make a chamomile compress
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Conjunctivitis is a pain.  Your eye itches, tingles and stings as it swells red, tears and hurts.  However as with any problem that affects your eyes you can’t just use any old remedy.  Our eyes are far too precious and there is no point in making them even more painful.  Chamomile compresses pose no risk to the health of your eyes.  Their soothing qualities can help calm itchiness and inflammation like no other remedy.  They also act as an effective decongestant.  Read on to find out how to make a chamomile compress that you can make as soon as the first signs appear or once they have become well established.

What you need:

  • 500 ml of water
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons of dried chamomile leaves
  • Sterilized gauze

(An ordinary chamomile teabag can also work!)


1) Boil your water.

2) Add your chamomile flowers and in infuse the mixture for about ten minutes.

3) Filter your infusion and give it some time to cool down.  There is no point in being impatient and burning your already sensitive eye!

4) Soak your compress and then use it to softly clean your eye.  You should particularly focus on the eyelash area and the internal corner.

5) Once it has been cleaned, soak a gauze and leave it to sit on your eyelid for around 15 minutes but no more.

6) You can repeat this process at least 6 times per day and redo an new infusion everyday.  You shouldn’t soak a compress for a second time in the mixture if it as already been in contact with your eye so you don’t contaminate the infusion.

Main piece of advice:

  • If you touch your eyes wash your hands for around thirty seconds to avoid any contagion!


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