Combat bad toilet odors with this simple and natural tip

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Combat bad toilet odors with this simple and natural tip
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When you see your partner or child head to the toilet with a book or a phone you know that they are going to there for a while and leave a bad smell for the next unassuming person. Some people always have a toilet spray on hand.   Other refuse to use spays that mask bad toilet odors, either for ecological reasons or simply because they know that the smell will be gone as soon as they leave the bathroom 

However it is still rather embarrassing to leave a bad smell in the toilet for the next person after us (even though it makes them work out their breath holding skills).  What solutions are there?  Here is ours! 

What you need:

  • A box of matches (and the matches that are inside)

The steps:

1) Go to the toilet without any worry  (Everything will be alright, you’ll see).

2) Before leaving the toilet arm yourself with a match and light it.  The sulphur that it lets off will neutralise the bad smells.

3) Blow out the match quickly after using it.

4) Leave the toilet in peace!

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