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Coconut oil: 12 incredible uses for this wonder oil

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Coconut oil: 12 incredible uses for this wonder oil
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Over the last few years, coconut oil has become very popular with YouTube beauty bloggers.  When you learn the multiple uses and versatility of this product, it is easy to understand why there is a growing trend for this wonder oil.  Rich in nutrients like lauric acid, vitamin A and E and containing antibacterial properties, the oil deeply hydrates the skin and protects it from external forces like bacteria or pollution. Its dreamy texture also makes it an excellent base for your homemade products.  Read on to discover 12 amazing ways to use this oil in your beauty routine. This little pot of wonder can be a substitute for many products! 

1) Used as a face cream…

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Coconut oil can hydrate and nourish the skin.  However many people are divided when it comes to using coconut oil on your face.  The oil is known for being very comedogenic.  Nevertheless some people can use this oil without any problems and swear by it due to its richness in good nutrients.  Some people with very bad acne have even managed to see a real improvement with their skin thanks to coconut oil.  Our advice is to try it for yourself and see what you think.  If you notice spots appearing then you know that you should stop using it on your face!

2) …and as a body cream!

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This oil can be used as a body cream, foot cream and hand cream… it really does do everything!  There is no point cluttering up your cupboards with hundreds of bottles as coconut oil can soften  your skin and maintain your skin’s elasticity and tonality.  You only need a little but you can put more onto areas that are a bit drier like you knees and elbows. Coconut oil is also excellent if your suffer from eczema.  You can also put a good dose on your feet and then cover them with soaks before going to bed.  If you didn’t think this was enough, it can also be used to relieve sunburn and as a massaging oil!

3) Use as make up remover

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If you have already tested coconut oil on your face and you don’t have a reaction you can then use the oil without any issues as a make up remover.  It works on makeup that is even water resistant. All you need to do is massage this oil into your face while keeping your eyes closed and then, using water, remove your make up.  You can also gently rub your face using a microfiber cloth that has been dampened with warm water beforehand.  You can also use cotton or bamboo cloths.

4) Instead of a mouthwash for glistening teeth

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We have already discussed the amazing uses of coconut oil as a mouth wash.  It can remove a whole host of bacteria and take care of your mouth and your gums.  It can also get rid of bad breath and whiten your teeth over the long term.  All you need to do is take a spoonful into your mouth and then swish it around.  The longer you keep it in your mouth the more effective it will be.  It is recommended that you keep it in your mouth for a good ten minutes. So you don’t get bored you can perhaps do this in the shower.

5) Multi uses to care for your hair

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Apply the oil onto the lengths and points of your hair.  This will help to deeply protect your hair.  If you use the oil on your scalp you can help reduce itchiness and prevent dandruff from appearing.  You should start by putting a little amount on the points, the lengths and then move to your scalp and give you head a little massage.  Leave the oil to sit in your hair for around an hour or longer if you wash your hair the next day.  Next shampoo your hair as usual.  You can also use a tiny amount as an anti-frizz product or to make your hair shiny.

6) For silky soft lips

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At any point during the day you can put coconut oil on your lips instead of a lip balm.  You can even put a little amount into a small pot so that you can carry it around with you in your hand bag.  You can also mix the oil with sugar to scrub your lips gently to remove any dead skin!