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Cleaning tips: 10 great ideas to make your life easier

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Cleaning tips: 10 great ideas to make your life easier
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There are some people who love cleaning as they thrive off organisation and love feeling comfortable in a clean home.  However there are others who are not gifted, motivated or never have the time when it comes to cleaning.  Whichever category you fall into, these 10 cleaning tips will be good to know all the same and can help you out in your cleaning routine. Nobody ever says no to effective and uncomplicated ideas which can help you get better results.  

1) Removing traces of soap from the shower you can leave the soap to dry and then use a plastic putty knife to scratch it off.

If the texture is less smooth then you could try a magic rubber.

2) For the shower panes, use a simple window cleaning product or a magic rubber!

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Magic rubbers are perfect for window panes which are not smooth and if the marks are very varied.  You can use a razor blade (with precaution) for surfaces that are more difficult to access or for thick marks. Don’t forget to dry the walls after you have cleaned them!

3) To avoid water marks reappearing too quickly in the shower, you can use an anti-rain product that you use on you windscreen.

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This product can be found in general hardware shops.

4) When you have shoe marks or other types of marks on the floorboards, pull out a tennis ball and rub!

This also works well for other marks on the walls for example.

5) Choose a bucket on wheels so as to avoid getting a sore back when you mop the floor.

Now you don’t have to lift it up!