Cleaning mirrors: 10 tips so you never leave a trace

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Cleaning mirrors: 10 tips so you never leave a trace
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Some love looking at themselves in the mirror and admiring their reflection at every opportunity.  However the only problem is that dust and other dirty smears can hide your beautiful reflection!  However mirrors can be difficult to clean as one bad cleaning decision or bad product can make your mirror look even dirtier than before.  So what should you use when cleaning your mirror.  Here are ten options that you can use with products in your cupboards at home.  Let’s look at the ways you can clean your mirrors without leaving any traces!

1) Hot water and a newspaper

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Clean your mirror with a cloth soaked in hot water and then dry your mirror with the newspaper.  It is hard to find an easier technique than this… it works a treat and won’t leave behind any annoying smear marks!

2) Lemon juice

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Start by dusting your mirror with a clean cloth.  Squeeze and filter the juice of half a lemon that you can now soak your cloth with and then scrub your mirror.  The citric acid in the lemon will get rid of the toughest stains!

3) Washing up liquid 

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All you need is some washing up liquid and a damp sponge that is big enough to clean your mirror.  Just remember to rinse the cloth and dry the mirror with a microfiber cloth.

4) Potato

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Cut your potato into two and then wipe your mirror with the potato.  The starch in the potato will remove any of the grime from the potato.  Rinse and dry the mirror.  You should use a cloth that has been soaked in vinegar water.

5) Black tea

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Prepare a strong cup of black tea and then use this liquid to soak your cloth that you are going to clean your mirror with.  Use a leather cloth (peau de chamois) to dry the surface.

6) Toothpaste 

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If your mirror is speckled by stains of if it steams up when you take a shower you just need to polish your mirror with some toothpaste.

7) Onion 

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Cut the onion into two and the use one half to clean the mirror.  Scrub a little hard on the areas that are grimier and dirty.  An onion is excellent at getting rid of the dirt!  Now rinse with hot lemony water and dry with a soft cloth (Ideally microfiber).

8) Meudon whiting (Le blanc de Meudon)

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Mix a bit of the Meudon whitening with a little water so that you have a milky texture that you can spray onto your mirror before you rub and then rinse.  Dry everything with a soft cloth like a microfiber cloths so that you avoid having any smears. You can find this product in DIY stores!

9) Glycerin

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This product can help to prevent your mirrors from getting steamed up.  All you need to do is to put a little on to a cloth and the scrub the bathroom mirror that you want to treat. You can buy glycerin in DIY stores or in some big supermarkets that have a lot of cleaning products.

10) Rubbing alcohol 

Credits : Flickr/Matthew Rutledge

This product will make your mirrors gleam in only a few seconds.  Spray a bit of this alcohol onto the mirror and then use a soft cloth to rub the mirror.


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