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Cleaning jewellery: 5 simple tips to make them glint and sparkle

Credit: screen shot from Bobby White YouTube Channel
Cleaning jewellery: 5 simple tips to make them glint and sparkle
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Do you always leave your house wearing your favourite pieces of jewellery?  We understand that it is difficult to go without as it adds a little extra something to your outfit. Of course sometimes you wear jewellery to occasions as you want to remind you those who bought it for you and that you love wearing it!  In any case we generally don’t want these items to get dirty or tarnish overtime.  However this can be a thorny issue as you don’t want to wash your jewellery in an inappropriate way so that it becomes permanently damaged.  However you need to do something to try and clean the dust, sweat and perfume that wear your jewellery down.  Here’s where Granny can come to your aide by giving you some excellent top tips!   

1) Top tips to preserve your jewellery

boîte à bijoux
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The first thing to do is to ask your jewellers how to maintain your new accessory.  Other than that it is up to you to be careful of the activities that you carry out that could damage or dirty the item.  For example, you can remove the piece before going into the shower, doing sport or washing the dishes.  It sounds simple when you say it but it is the essential tips to keep your item in good condition.  You should also keep good care of your jewellery boxes and think about having cotton or silk fabric pockets so that they can be stored away separately to avoid any scratches. You can also add a small stick of chalk that can help absorb any moisture and avoid oxidation.  Lastly, avoid cleaning your pieces of jewellery in the sink it could fall down the drain!  A bowl of water will work just as well and can prevent any accidents from happening.

2) General tips to clean jewellery and make them sparkle

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Screenshot from Haloskeeper1 YouTube Channel

Firstly were going to talk about items that we all have in the house like a tooth brush and tooth paste. Toothpaste is often recommended to clean items of jewellery however many people are afraid that it is too harsh and abrasive.  However rest assured that it works a treat on gold, silver and diamonds.  On the other hand, you should avoid using toothpaste on precious stones or pearls as these are too delicate.  A soft bristled tooth brush can help you to softly scrub all the corners of your item of jewellery.

Often jewellery likes to be left to soak for a few hours in a bowl of beer or for fifteen minutes in a bowl covered with tin foil which has a mixture of water, salt, bicarbonate of soda and washing up liquid.  White bread or a white rubber are also incredible ways to brighten you jewellery so it shines and rubs away any dirty spots.  Otherwise you can use cold ash technique and brush it onto your jewellery before rinsing and then rubbing with some chamois leather.

3) Cleaning specifically silver jewellery

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You can regularly polish your silver jewellery with some chamois leather so as to avoid a sheen effect that can age the item.  If you’d like to give the item a deeper clean there you can use a paste based with water, bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice!  This mixture can help to get rid of any grub that tarnishes the silver.  You can also use this technique with white chalk which can clean and make your piece of jewellery glisten!  Dip a cloth into the chalk powder before polishing the piece.  You can also give your item a bath for a couple of hours in white vinegar before rinsing!  However if you have a silver item that is adorned in precious stones you should only soak the item in soapy water and then scrub with a damp microfibre cloth.  A cloth that is soak in 70° alcohol can also get rid of marks that are difficult to remove and give the piece back it’s shine!

4) Cleaning specifically gold jewellery

bijoux en or bague
Credits : PxHere

If you want to clean gold jewellery you can give the item a bath in sparkling water and a few drops of washing up liquid.  This mixture will work wonders! Leave the item to soak for a while and then softly brush it to remove any marks.  Of course, soapy water can also work but it will be a little less effective.  This technique can also work for diamonds or precious stones however you should try and use a soft shampoo instead.  You can then rub the item with a piece of white bread or a cloth dipped in talc to make the piece shine! Assured sparkle!

5)  How to maintain costume jewellery

vernis sur bijou fantaisie
Screenshot from MaiLIFE YouTube Channel

Costume jewellery is great as you can widen your collection without having to spend to much while also having a bit of originality.  However the quality is not always the best and they can quickly lose their shine.  We advise you to cover your costume jewellery items with a layer of transparent nail varnish when you buy them which will protect them from the throes of time.  You should particularly concentrate on the areas which are in contact with your skin.  This will also prevent any green marks appearing on your skin. What is more it could act as a type of glue which prevents any fake pearls or stones coming off. Coloured nail varnish can also add new life to a tired looking piece.  If your fake item of jewellery is starting to fade you can then moisten the damaged area and then apply gold or silver leaf.


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