Cleaning floors: 9 great tips

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Cleaning floors: 9 great tips
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Sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, picking things up…. cleaning the floor can easily become like a gym class that is rather intense!  However when beads of sweat start forming our your brow, you begin to wish that there were some handy tips to make your life easier when you are carrying out these chores.  Well you’ll be glad to hear it, there are some handy tips to help you out!  Here are 9 great ideas to inspire you for your next session of cleaning the floor! 

1) How to fill the bucket to mop the floor with a handy tap? With a simple sausage swimming float!

You need to find one that has a hole in the middle.

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A dust pan can also work!

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2) Are you trying to find a solution to store cleaning equipment so that it no longer gets under your feet?

Stick a hanger to the wall or the back of a door and add cable ties to your cleaning items to that they can hang up.

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3) Do you not have a device for your vacuum cleaner to get into the tight spaces?  You can use a old roll of toilet paper to fit into the gap.

You can find a better way to pick up the dirt stuck in the areas near your windows or doors.

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4) If you have lost an object somewhere on the floor cover the tube of the hoover with a piece of nylon cloth and tighten it with an elastic band.

Your lost object will be found even if you have trouble spotting it and you won’t let it get sucked up.

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5) Getting rid of odors after vacuuming the floor!

You can let your vacuum clean suck up perfumed marbles or cinnamon.  You can also put these directly into the vacuum bag.

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6) If your vacuum cleaner and brush don’t manage to pick everything up you can use latex gloves to help you!

These gloves are great at picking up hair and other dirt.  You can test them on the sofa, a rug or even in difficult to get to corners.

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7) You can use a soft sock to wipe your floor rather that using throwaway wipes.

You just need to wash or rinse the sock after using it to clean your floor and you can reuse it!

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8) Make your wooden floors shine by making a black tea infusion filled with hot water and use your mop to wash the floor.

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9) So that you can avoid spending ages picking up the last bits of dirt from the floor, dampen the dustpan.

Now the little bits of dust will stick your dustpan so that your can pick them up in one go.

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