Clean your ceramic or induction hob with these 5 tips

Clean your ceramic or induction hob with these 5 tips
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Cooking on a ceramic or an induction hob is always a pleasure, however, cleaning them isn’t always easy! Although during cooking, you get a very precise temperature, for cleaning, you have a fragile surface that is prone to streaking. Here are our best tips to shine up your cooktop without running the risk of damaging it. 

1) Cleaning clay

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Soak a soft sponge in cleaning clay and scrub your ceramic or induction hob. Rinse it with plain water and wipe the surface with a soft damp cloth.

2) Black soap

Arm yourself with a damp sponge and apply a pea sized amount of liquid black soap. Scrub gently, rinse and wipe.

3) Whiting chalk (AKA blanc de Meudon)

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If your hob is very dirty, whiting chalk is the solution. Mix a teaspoon of water and 2 teaspoons of whiting chalk. Apply the product to the hob with a soft sponge, and rinse well. This concoction will deeply de-grease the surface and bring back its shine.

4) Bicarbonate of soda

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Put two glasses of bicarbonate of soda and one glass of water into a bowl, and mix it. Apply the paste to the hob with the help of a sponge. Leave it to sit for twenty minutes. Next wipe it with a wet sponge to remove the bicarbonate of soda paste, and notice how clean the hob is!

5) White vinegar


Put some white vinegar into a spray flask, and use it to spray your hob, before wiping it with a sponge. Next, shine it up with a soft cloth.

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