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How to clean your terrace without spending too much

How to clean your terrace without spending too much
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Here are some tips for cleaning your terrace, without spending too much money in the home and gardening centre! Arm yourself with your yard brush and follow this advice: 

For a wooden terrace or decking:

All you need is water and a yard brush to effectively clean a wooden terrace -and you don’t even need much water! You can also brighten up the wood by diluting sodium percarbonate in hot water (around 30g per litre) and applying the solution with a brush. Leave to work for around twenty minutes and rinse with water.

For a concrete terrace:

To avoid stains and mould, dilute 2 dessertspoons of sodium percarbonate in a litre of hot water, and use the mixture to vigorously scrub the terrace with a yard brush.

For a tiled terrace:

Vigorously scrub your terrace with black soap and water, using a yard brush. If the grouting is dirty, mix a measure of bicarbonate of soda with a measure of lukewarm water, and finally a little lemon juice to whiten it, and use the mixture to scrub between the tiles.

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