Clean an iron with these three effective tips

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Clean an iron with these three effective tips
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Has your base of your iron turned black?  This is normal so you should never think that you need to buy a new one.  After all the iron still works well.  All you need to do is to give your iron a simple, quick clean.   You need to get your iron back in action quick if you are going to decrease that shirt you need for that important meeting! Here are a few natural and effective tips to help you clean an iron that is looking a bit black.  Once you’ve tried these methods your iron will look as good as new! 

1/  Lemon

Everyone has a lemon in their fridge at home.  So that you can clean your iron base all you need to do is soak a cloth or a microfibre cloth with some lemon juice and then scrub.  Then you should wipe with a soft dry cloths.  Voila, your iron will be as good as new!

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2/ Castile soap (Olive oil based soap)

You can use castile soap in the same way as lemon juice. You could scrub the base of your iron with the castile soap directly and then wipe with as soft cloth.

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3/  White vinegar

This is the number 1 miracle ingredient!  Soak a cloth in white vinegar and then softly scrub the base of your iron.  Next wipe with a soft, dry cloth.  That’s it, it couldn’t be simpler!

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Do you have any handy tips or tricks to clean the base of an iron?  


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