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Chocolate stains: two tips to remove the smudge

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Chocolate stains: two tips to remove the smudge
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This is excellent advice for those of you who have a sweet tooth.  Sometimes when you try to eat chocolate on the sly you are caught out by little crumbs of chocolate that fall onto your clothes and your secret’s out!  Perhaps you should try and be more careful when you get your chocolate hit or perhaps wane yourself off the chocolate.  If not it is always handy to have some practical tips up your sleeve so that you don’t ruin your clothes with smudges of chocolate stains.  Here are two great tips that you can use quickly so that the stain doesn’t become encrusted onto your garment. 

1) Lemon

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For for this technique you need to find a fresh lemon or concentrated lemon juice in a bottle.  All you need to do is to press the pulp of half a fresh lemon onto the stain or soak the stain with some concentrated lemon juice.  You can then scrub the stain on itself and then put the garment into the washing machine for about ten minutes.

2) White vinegar

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This tip works on all types of tough stains.  It is very simple to carry out.  All you need to do is soak a cloth with this liquid and then scrub the stain.  Next rinse the item with hot water but not boiling water so that the stain doesn’t get encrusted into the fibers of the clothing and so as to not risk damaging the material.


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