Chicken pox: 5 helpful tips to calm the itch

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Chicken pox: 5 helpful tips to calm the itch
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Although chicken pox is a non life threatening illness that almost all children have to go through it so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.  As it is very contagious, it can be very dangerous especially for teenagers, pregnant women or people in weak health. 

Often the first symptoms of chicken pox are notable tiredness, glazed eyes and feverish hot flushes.  A couple of days later small spots will appear on the face, upper body and abdomen.  Chicken pox isn’t pretty and, one thing is for sure, it’s itchy!  The itchiness can often be unbearable.  This is why soothing itchy skin is absolutely necessary both for your child and the rest of the household if you want to avoid some sleepless nights.  Here are five helpful tips to calm the itch.

1/ Bicarbonate of soda and essential oils

This is one of Granny’s miracle recipes which is exactly what you want!  Mix 2 small glasses of bicarbonate of soda with 40 ml of water and 20 drops of lavender essential oil.  Apply this lotion on each spot with a cotton bud.  This tip is only advised for children above the age of 3 years old.  Thanks to this homemade lotion the spots will dry and heal much quicker.


2/ Linden trees

The tilia family includes linden trees and wild and ornamental trees whose fragrant flowers are used in soothing and calming infusions. In a cloth bag, put a large handful of European linden leaves and flowers. Then hang this bag under the hot water tap of the bathtub. Run a bath and place your toddler in it. The itching should quickly subside. And you can let yourself breath a little.

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3/ Potato starch

This substance is known for soothing itchiness.  To make your mixture mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of potato starch in a large glass of warm water and make your own poultice that you can apply onto the chickpox spots.

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4/ Carrots and Coriander

Coriander is a plant that has multiple benefits and virtues for your health whether it is in the form of leaves (dried or fresh) or in the form of grains.  Both forms are used to flavour dishes.
In Maghreb, chicken pox is soothed by preparing a soup of 100 g of carrots and 60 g of coriander which should be eaten once per day.  There is no harm in trying this tip as it is a delicious soup!

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5 / Cutting you children’s nails

If you fancy a bit of fun you can stick oven gloves on to their hand’s like Phoebe in Friend’s.  This will stop them from itching.  However if you think this is too complicated or their hands are a little to small why not try cutting their nails and give them a pair of gloves to wear at night.  This is a good tip especially for babies.

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