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Cheap and easy method to clean a burnt pan

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Cheap and easy method to clean a burnt pan
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You might not be the best cook in the world but you have decided to give it a go.  However as the kitchen in not really your natural habitat it takes a while to familiarize yourself with all the buttons and knobs of the oven.  You turn to the hob as what can be easier than frying up an onion… Well don’t worry we’ve all turned around to see the charred mess stuck to the bottom of our pan before.  Read on to discover a cheap and easy tip to clean a burnt pan.   

The problem with pans is they are expensive.  You are a bit short of cash this month (just like last month) and you don’t fancy wasting all your money on a new pan.  However don’t fret.  If you have burnt your pan here is a simple tip that never fails to disappoint.  It’s cheap, simple and quick!

What you need:

  • White vinegar
  • Washing up liquid


1) Start by pouring two tablespoons of vinegar into your pan.

2) Add a couple drops of washing up liquid and place your pan onto the stove.

3) Leave to heat for a few minutes so as to make the cleaning process easier.  Remove your pan from the hob and start to clean the burnt pan with a simple sponge. (Be careful not to burn yourself!)

Your burnt marks should disappear just like these expensive power cleaner brands claim to do.  However this time you haven’t spent an arm and a leg.  Voila!

Credits : Taken /Pixabay

If you don’t have white vinegar you can pour 1 to 2 table spoons of citric acid into your pan.  Cover with boiling water and leave to sit for a few minutes.  Then carefully rinse the pan several times. If you have neither of these ingredients you can use lemon juice but it is less effective.


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