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Chapped lips: 5 natural ways to soften dry lips this winter

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Chapped lips: 5 natural ways to soften dry lips this winter
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Cold weather can uncompromisingly attack our fragile skin and any exposed parts of our body can suffer including our face and hands.  However it is our lips that have the biggest difficulty when confronted with the cold.  They can become cracked, chapped and irritated.  Due to the lack of sebaceous glands which create a lipidic protection film, your lips can really feel the effects. So that you can avoid you lips from drying out you need to redouble your efforts and make some great lip care products.  How can you care for your chapped lips?  Well here are some effective solutions that are inexpensive that can help you to avoid dried, sore lips!

1) Choose foods rich in Vitamin B and forget about bad habits!

vitamine B bonne pour les cheveux et espacer les shampoings
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It is simple.  If you don’t eat enough then you are definitely going to get chapped lips, especially in the corners.  Therefore if you don’t want to be bothered by this problem and have chapped sores around your mouth for several weeks, turn towards eggs, almonds, wholemeal cereal, green or dry  vegetables, giblets, sea foods and beer yeast.  Of course you shouldn’t waste your efforts by licking or biting your dried lips all day long.  Even if this might initially soothe your lips, they will become even drier than before.  You should also stop using any products that dry out your lips like lip gloss or lipstick.  Citrus fruit will also make your damaged lips even worse so try to avoid these fruits.  Importantly you should also remember to stay hydrated.

2) Count on simple products like honey!

miel sur les lèvres gercées
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Honey is great for chapped lips as it is nourishing, healing and moisturising!  You should apply a thick layer like a mask so that you can get rid of the cracks and roughness.  You can keep the honey on your lips for an hour or even overnight. However remember the aim is to not to try and lick your lips.  After leaving the mask to soak in rinse your lips with warm water.  You can also give yourself a massage for fifteen minutes with honey or olive oil so that you give your lips more nourishment.  You can also simply apply pure shea butter.

3) A rich homemade honey and orange lip balm

baume cosmétique soin
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If you’d prefer a texture that is more refined and easier to use that simple honey you can try this great natural lip balm recipe!  You will need half a teaspoon of acacia honey as well as one tablespoon of sweet almond oil, a teaspoon of bees wax and three drops of sweet orange essential oil.  First of all you need to melt the bees wax and almond oil in a bain-maire.  Take the pan off the hob and let the mixture cool slightly before incorporating the other ingredients. You should then transfer the mixture into a small pot (Try to remember to keep old lip balm tubs).  You should store in a cool and shaded area.  It will be a pleasure to apply this lip balm on thirsty and chapped lips!

4) Lemon balm for your lips but not only!

jus de citron
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For this method we are going to simply add a measure of vegetable glycerin for it’s moisturising properties and a measure of lemon juice.  Lemon is a natural exfoliator thanks to it’s AHA (Alpha hydroxy acid) which can help to leave your skin softer.  What is more it helps to heal and disinfect the skin.  However the biggest plus is that this mixture can also help to care for your dried and chapped hands and heels.  After you have mixed your ingredients in equal parts you can then apply and carefully massage the affected areas.  If needed, you can reapply this mixture during the day. However there is nothing stopping you from applying this mixture at night onto your heals and then covering with a cotton pair of socks.

5) An effective lip balm to combat chapped sores

baume maison pour les lèvres gercées
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To make this excellent healing lip balm all you need is to melt 5 g of shea butter, 5 g of apricot oil and 2 g of candelilla wax in a bain-marie. Next add 2 drops of cistus essential oil and 2 drops of vitamin E.  If you’d  like to make a tinted lip balm so that you can give your lips a little boost you can add 0.25 g of red radish vegetable pigment. Of course this is just optional but it is always nice to have a product which can give you a little colour so as to brighten up your dulled winter colouring.  Lastly you should transfer the mixture into a tube or pot and then leave to solidify.  Your chapped lips will love this balm!

How to prepare the above lip balm as described by the Beauté Chérie YouTube Channel {In FRENCH} :

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