Cellulite: 5 natural ways to effectively overcome it

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Cellulite: 5 natural ways to effectively overcome it
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Cellulite is an unsightly problem that many women of all body sizes know about. These little fracture lines might be caused by a bigger overriding problem and a healthy lifestyle is not always enough to avoid them.   However long regular massages are a good way to treat cellulite alongside an effective treatment.   Here are 5 natural treatment options that you can make at home. Choose which recipe you like the best depending on your tastes, what you have at home or what you can find and apply regularly. 

Good to know: Massaging your cellulite is essential for obtaining good results.  You should therefore massage this area regularly.  Ideally every morning and night.  In order for it to be beneficial, you should massage the area for at least 5 minutes. How should you massage your body? On the stomach, you should massage in a clockwise direction. On the legs, massage upwards (towards the heart) and then a downward movement following the veins.

1) Lemon essential oil

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The biggest problem with this oil is that it is photosensitive.  Therefore you cannot use this oil on area that you know will be exposed to the sun.  All the same it has many useful properties.  It is a great slimming treatment that can overcome fat buildup.  It can improve drainage and is a good diuretic.   Dilute the oil in a vegetable oil of your choice.  Add 8 drops of vegetable oil for every two drops of essential oil.

In our article looking specifically at the benefits of lemon essential oil, you can find an excellent recipe to combat cellulite as well as other useful tips.

2) Juniper essential oil

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Mix 5 ml of this essential oil with 95 ml of argan oil.  The juniper oil will help to smooth the skin and exfoliate the cellulite.  Argan oil has firming and restructuring properties.