Best method to get rid of cat urine smells

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Best method to get rid of cat urine smells
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Cats are of course adorable little fur balls when the want to be.  However don’t always be taken in by their cute little pads and the chubby little cheeks.  Cats can also be little rascals especially when they decide to not use their cat litter.  Instead they can leave smelly urine in different places around the house that are difficult to get rid of.  Of course this might not affect all cats, but anxious cats that like to mark their territory don’t always know how to use the cat litter or those with urinary infections.  Nevertheless, the result is always the same – an unpleasant smell of cat urine that you don’t always know how to get rid off.  Let’s take a look at a fool-proof method to clean cat urine stains! 

What you need:

  • Cat litter
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Vacuum cleaner + cloth


1) Start by removing the humidity and most of the smell by covering the stain with litter.

2) After around 15 minutes (the time it takes for the surface to dry), wipe with a damp cloth and then hover the litter.

3) Cover the area with bicarbonate of soda to get rid of the last of the smell and leave for a few hours.

4) Dust the bicarbonate of soda off or hoover

Extra tips:

  • Don’t use bleach to clean the area where the cat has urinated as this could encourage you cat to urinate again in the same spot.  You should instead use bleach in the litter (a couple of drops to disinfect it and to encourage your cat to urinate in this area again.  You can then use white vinegar to clean the area.


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