Cat repellents: 7 natural and non-harmful methods to keep cats away

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Cat repellents: 7 natural and non-harmful methods to keep cats away
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Your neighbour’s cat might be really cute but you don’t really want them to invite themselves into your house.  They shed hair everywhere or dirty everything in their path.  Perhaps you are allergic or have a certain dislike for animals or maybe, quite simply, you’d just rather they weren’t there.  If the neighbourhood felines have a habit of inviting themselves into your home without your permission, here are a few techniques that will help them keep their distance without hurting them. 

1) Dilute mustard with water and mix together.  Place this pulverized solution next to the entrances to your home.

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2) Place ground coffee in places that you see them often.

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3)  Spray white vinegar onto the surface that you want cat free.

Th cat will carefully avoid approaching these areas.

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4) You can also encourage the cat to keep it’s distance with citrus peelings (orange, lime, lemon…)

Most cats hate the smell of citrus fruit.

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5) Pepper is also a good repellent to spread around the areas that the cat like to pass.

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6) Cut a few strips of garlic and put them in strategic places.

Just like vampires, cats don’t like garlic.  It can also work with onions.

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7) The classic: Spray water on the cats to let them know that they can’t come inside.

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There you go.  Here are some solutions to try out.  Some may work better than others depending on the cat as some cats are not bothered by citrus smells although some hate it).  The best idea is to try out a selection until you find the best solution for you!

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