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Caffeinated serum to reawaken tired eyes in a blink of an eye

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Caffeinated serum to reawaken tired eyes in a blink of an eye
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Everyone hates swollen eyes or dark bags! It is like you have giant red arrows pointing to your face crying out that you haven’t had enough sleep.  However, we have all had a hard night which leaves our eyes contoured with dark circles.  When these dark circles never go away as it is in your genetics it seems like an impossible battle. In these moments we often turn to a comforting cup of coffee.  But instead of drinking coffee why not try a caffeinated serum to help reawaken tired eyes?

There is nothing better than coffee grains with their intoxicating smell to improve blood circulation and plump up you skin to help combat dark circles.  Swollen eyes ebb away when confronted with caffeine to leave you with rested looking eyes.  Read on to find out how to prepare an excellent serum to reawaken tired eyes!

What you need:

  • 40 g of ground coffee
  • Sweet almond oil
  • 15 ml avocado oil (Great for the contour of your eyes and against bags under your eyes)
  • A bottle for your serum (You can use a pipette to help you measure out the right amount or a marble freshen and massage under your eye)
  • Muslin
  • Optional: a few coffee beans


1) Pour the coffee in a pot and cover it with sweet almond oil.  Wake sure it is sealed over in an airtight container and leave to infuse for 4 to 5 days in a cupboard.

2) Filter the oil with your muslin trying to get as much liquid as possible from the mixture.  Add the avocado oil and mix.

(You can keep the ground coffee for making a scrub as it would be a shame to waste them!)

3) Decant the mixture into the bottle and add a few coffee beans if your would like. This is just a  cute decorative touch which will infuse even more caffeine into your eye serum.

4) Use this serum whenever you would like. In the the morning it will rejuvenate your eyes in a few minutes but it can also be used at night!  You don’t need to put it into the fridge but the cool effect can help to combat swollen eyes!


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