Break-ins: 12 tips to secure your house when you are away

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Break-ins: 12 tips to secure your house when you are away
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It is important that you feel comfortable in your own home! However when you leave home for a few days or longer it is often with a heavy heart, except when you are going to catch some rays somewhere exotic!?  However when you go on holiday you can also have the worry that someone might try and break in especially if there has been a wave of break ins in your neighbourhood recently.  However there are a few simple tips so you can try to discourage potential intruders from breaking in to your home.  You will now feel more comfortable leaving your home for a weekend or holiday! 

1) Make sure that no valuable objects are visible from the outside

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If potential burglars see that you have a magnificent wide screen television or your computer cries out £2000, it is more likely that they will want to try and break into your house.  Paintings or ornaments that are visible from the outside could also be attractive for potential intruders.

2) Make sure your house and garden are well lit

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It is more difficult to hide or enter into a garden if it is well lit.  There are often two ways of thinking.  You can either choose detection lights which can surprise burglars or use solar panel powered exterior lights.

3) Don’t leave a message on your answer machine saying that you are on holiday.

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If you do this then everyone will know that you are away on holiday.  Instead tell your friends and colleagues face to face if they are trying to get in touch with you.

4) In general avoid telling everyone that you are away on holiday…

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We know that you are excited to be going to Bora-Bora but it is pointless to post all the details all over social media as it could easily come to the attention of the wrong people.  Knowing someone is away on holiday is very good news for someone looking to break into an empty house!

5) Empty your letter box before you go

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A letter box filled to brim is a sure sign that you are not there to empty it.  Therefore you should avoid leaving clues that you are away from home!  If you are afraid that you are going to receive too many adverts stick a sign on your letter box say no publicity.  You can also try and enlist some helpful neighbours…. see below!

6) Be on good terms with your neighbours

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Your neighbour could then collect your post and take out your bins even if they are empty to give potential intruders the impression you are in.  When your neighbour goes on holiday you can repay the favour.  This could be a bother for some people however it is good to know that someone is looking out for your house while you are away!