Clever tip to help boost tired looking plants

Clever tip to help boost tired looking plants
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You only need to leave your plants a couple of days without watering or caring for them and your beloved plants seem to go in sulk. How could you go on holiday or a weekend get-away without them?  They have lost a little energy and now deserve a little perk up so as to give them an energy re-boost to encourage them to keep growing.  Here is a simple technique to help revive your plants using an everyday ingredient!

What you need:

  • A container like a bottle
  • Water
  • Banana skin(s)

The steps:

1) Eat your banana and keep the skin.

2) Put the skin into your container and add water.

3) Leave to infuse for 48 hours.

4) Use this water to water your plants.

Thanks to the banana skin this water will be rich in iron, magnesium, phosphor, and potassium… Everything that is needed to perk up your plants and to fertilise them.  It’s surprising, isn’t it!  Banana skins are great and are useful for lots of things.  To find out more about this amazing ingredient, you could read our article on the surprising uses of banana skins.

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