Boost hair growth with a kitchen essential… mustard!

Credits : Screenshot from Ales BOUCHER video channel
Boost hair growth with a kitchen essential… mustard!
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There are lots of reasons why you might want to boost your hair growth quickly: a bad hair cut, regretting going to short,  remembering a time when your hair was longer, always looking to change hair styles, wanting to have luscious waist length hair like a mermaid… Whatever the reason, when you want long hair you want it now!  However nature doesn’t always seem to immediately get on your side. Here is a simple method using a kitchen essential which is great for encouraging hair growth.

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What you need:

  • Mustard! (Avoid if you have an itchy scalp or inflamed skin)

The steps :

Carry out this hair care treatment before washing your hair.  Repeat the process once a week but no more than that, otherwise you’ll risk irritating your scalp.  Note that if you don’t carry out this treatment once a week the effects on your hair growth will be less noticeable.

1) Spread the mustard all over the scalp. Take it section by section so that you can have a nice and even spread.

Hair growth
Credits : Screenshot from Alys BOUCHER video channel (The video is displayed at the bottom of this article)

2) Leave in your hair for 20 minutes.

3) Rinse well until there is nothing left and the water is clear.  Continue to shampoo your hair as normal.

The mustard stimulates the blood circulation in you head.  If your head starts to itch or becomes hot don’t worry it is normal! Your scalp could stay red for an hour or two.

As a less abrasive alternative you could try mustard oil or a mix of mustard oil and Shea butter.  (This is especially good if you have dry or frizzy hair.)

The Video :