Black clothing: 4 washing tips so they don’t fade

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Black clothing: 4 washing tips so they don’t fade
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Black is one of the most classic colours in our wardrobe. A colour that will never go out of fashion, black flatters all shapes and sizes. However it is also one of the most difficult colours to keep in check. Of course you can use dyes to give more intensity back to your garments.  However this means you need to buy products that are not very healthy or environmentally friendly.  What is more you can sometimes keep your black laundry in good condition by adopting some good washing practices. If you are fed up of your black clothes turning a greenish/greyish colour here are some simple tips that you can follow. 

1) Adopt good washing practices

First of all you should try as much as possible to wash black clothes together.  Even if anti-transfer wipes are practical they are not the most ecological option and they don’t prevent pigments from fading! In fact, it is better to wash black clothes with black clothes, preferably inside out. You can also wash everything cold and choose a short cycle so as to reduce discolouration. Otherwise,you can wash your back clothing by hand with soap to avoid fading effects of the washing machine.  There is no need for a special machine for dark laundry as it is simply not necessary and is just more costly! A simple liquid detergent for the dark and a powder for the white will suffice. Finally, dry in the open air, but away from the sun and its rays that could whiten the black linen.

2) Give your dark clothing coffee or tea to drink

Coffee might give you more energy in the morning but it can also give a boost to your dark clothes when you wash them.  You can pour a cup of coffee into the slot for the fabric softener to revive your dark washing. If you need to you can get your load a second rinse so as to prevent your clothes from smelling of coffee!  Although it is less well known you can also use black tea to give your dark clothes a boost.  All you need to do is to infuse 500 ml of water with black tea and then pour it into the machine when you are rinsing your load.  It is a simple and effective tip!

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3) Beer for dark and coloured washing

This drink shouldn’t just be limited to night out!  In fact it can also help to preserve your coloured washing so that it stays bright.  So that you can do this you should wash you clothes as normal and then pour beer into the slot for fabric softener just for the rinse.  You only need to use this technique every third wash.

4) White vinegar is another good trick

With yet another string to it’s bow, white vinegar is a miracle product.  You can protect your black by adding 250 ml to the drum at the time of rinsing. You can also use 125 g of salt that you put directly into the drum or mixed to further fix the color. To do this, mix a glass of vinegar with 100 g of salt. That’s enough to keep black clothes looking as good as new! Don’t worry, the smell of vinegar disappears as your laundry dries.


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