BBQ: Top tips for the best barbecue this summer

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BBQ: Top tips for the best barbecue this summer
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When you organise a BBQ you will often have someone who is designated as the chef of the meat (whether they have been given this post or have nominated themselves).  Barbecues are often considered a culinary art that should be taken seriously.  There is often a great debate about whether gas or charcoal BBQ’s are best and some die hard barbecuers will refuse anyone to come near their precious grill.  What are the best tips for the best barbecue?

However for those that don’t know all the BBQ secrets about how to get perfectly cooked meat, here are a few simple tips that will make you the king or queen of the barbecue!

1) Invest in pair of tongs

A fork is of course practical to have but when you prick the meat you loose more of the juice.  This is what makes the barbecued meat deliciously tasty.  Having good utensils will help you out a lot!

2) Two chef tips

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We can often put herbs onto the meat but we never think about putting it on the embers.  This idea can give a surprising flavour to your meat.

When you are making brochettes of meat we often soak the sticks in water for 15 minutes before pricking your meat so that it stays on the stick and avoids burning.  Another technique that will give your meat even more flavour is to dip your sticks in wine, beer, port, or even strong tea.  Your fish, meat or vegetables will be full of flavour!

3) Remove the fat

We can often think that the fat gives our meat flavour however it will just create more smoke and flames that will char your meat.

4) Don’t be stingy with sauces but remember to put them on before!

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If you have sauces or some time to marinade your meat beforehand, your barbecued meat will be more tender and tastier.  What is more, marinaded meats will move less on your brochette. You can also dip your peppers in balsamic sauce or your mushrooms in BBQ sauce, however you can test out your own ideas!

If you have a marinade or lots of sauce remember to dip your meat in the mixture before putting it on the BBQ.

5) Salt

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You should only put salt onto your meat after it is cooked.  If you put it on before the meat will shrink and then lose some of its flavour.

However you can use salt during the cooking process to calm any flames.  To manage any unruly flames all you need to do is to throw a handful of salt on top of the BBQ to calm the scenario straight away.