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Banana skins: 6 great uses

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Banana skins: 6 great uses
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After you have eaten your banana you normally throw the skin into the bin or compost.  You won’t be alone in doing this.  However did you know that you can in fact reuse your banana skins?  Read on to find out more as it is good to know, isn’t it? 

Banana skins are a source of nutrients that if used wisely can make a 100 % natural remedy to combat may day to day complaints. .

1/  Getting rid of constipation

Do you sometimes struggle from constipation?  There are multiple causes but it generally happens when your feces lack water and fiber.  That’s why it is ideal that bananas are full of fiber .  However the largest amount of fiber is not found in the flesh of the banana but in the skin. Eating the skin helps the digestion process.  However the best thing to do is to make an infusion from your banana skins.  Be warned it is not the nicest taste in the world!

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2/  Against verrucas

Antioxidants can be found inside the banana skin as well as acidic substances which help to regulate the skin’s pH. If you have a verruca you should place the inside of the skin onto the affected region and it will disappear.  It won’t be disappear like magic.  You should try and keep the banana skin attached to your verruca overnight.  If needed you can repeat this process the following night. You’ll see how effective it is!

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3/ Against insect bites

Banana skins have got anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.  If you have been rolling about in the grass and get stung by an insect you can apply the inside of the banana skin directly onto the bite.  You should then rub the affected area two to three times per day (and perhaps be more careful the next time you roll around in the grass!)

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4/  Combating water retention

It is a well known fact that bananas are filled with potassium.  Potassium relieves water retention from tissues.  When absorbed by the body, this element can regulate electrolyte production and reduce inflammation of muscles and joints.  Drinking two to three cups of banana skin infusions per day is the most effective technique.

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5/  Combating acne

As we have already explained for verrucas earlier on, concentrated acids in banana skins help to regulate the skin’s pH.  Therefore banana skins can be really effective at combating acne and black heads as well as verrucas.  Simply take a banana skin and rub the white part of the skin on to the affect areas.  Leave for 15 minutes and then rinse.


6/  Relieving bruises

If you tend to get bruises every time your bang against something then this remedy is good for you! Did you know that a banana skin can come in handy to combat bruising?  Banana skins can improve blood circulation in the affected area which encourages cellular oxygenation.  Tissues will repair themselves more quickly if they are better oxygenated.  Simply rub the banana skin onto the bruise and leave to react without rinsing.

That’s it, 6 great ways to use banana skins that you might not have heard about before!

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