Bad smelling dog breath: two useful tips

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Bad smelling dog breath: two useful tips
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You love your dog (more than you husband or wife …) However you have to be honest, after five minutes your dog starts to have a really putrid breath.  Of course, you spend lots of time with your dog so you have become immune to bad odors.  It is other the people that it really bothers.  However to keep everyone happy you’d like to put an end to your dog’s smelly breath.  

You should be aware that your little puppy or dog’s breath doesn’t come from excess tartar on your dog’s teeth as it is often believed.  In actual fact their smell breath and excess tartar on their set of nashers comes from an unsuitable diet for your dogs natural and biological needs.   This is why your dogs smelly breath is often accompanied by foul-smelling farts.

An unsuitable diet causes elimination reactions in the stomach, is a source of bad breath and a “pasty” tongue.  Therefore to offer these unpleasant situation you should offer your dog a suitable diet: without cereals (it is not a chicken) and with good proteins. In the meantime, there are still two tricks which can help relieve odors emanating from his mouth.

1/ Mint

Get your dog to chew on two or three mint leaves after every meal.  If your dog refuses to eat the leaves, you can leave them to soak it’s water bowl for an hour or two.

2 – Nettles

All you need to do is to sprinkle your dog’s food with finely chopped nettle leaves.  You will find then in organic supermarkets or in the wild.  Don’t forget to wear gloves as needles can sting.  Wash the leaves well before giving them to your dog.

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