Bad posture: 6 exercises to combat an arched back

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Bad posture: 6 exercises to combat an arched back
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A women who stands up straight always seems more elegant.  A good posture will elongate your body and will give you confidence.  As well as the aesthetic aspect, holding yourself upright will have positive effects on your body so you should try and alter your posture straight away.  With the help of few exercises that strengthen, stretch and relax your back you will rediscover a good posture!  Say goodbye to that arched back for good.

1/ Relax your shoulders

Sit down cross-legged with your back straight.  Place you hands on each of your shoulders.  With every breath, lightly pull your shoulders down.

3/ Strengthen your abdominal muscles

You need to work your abs to help keep a straight posture!
Lie down on your back with your legs bent and your knees at a right angle to your body.  Place your hands behind your neck.  In one clean movement lift your chest bringing your elbow toward the opposite knee. Remember to breath during each movement.

3/ Stretch your shoulder blades 

Get yourself into a standing position with your arms running down the side of your body.  Turn your palms towards the front.  Pull your shoulders back and keep this position by tightening your shoulder blades as if you are trying to hold a crayon.  Your shoulders should drop and not be raised.  You have to keep the head in line and look straight ahead.  If you raise your nose it is not good either.

4/ Relax your neck 

Sit down with a straight back and place your hand on your head.  Lower your shoulders.  Push your head against your hands and breath.  Remember to keep your head inline and your gaze straight ahead.

5/ Stretch out the spine

Lie down on the ground and take hold off your knees bringing them as close as you can to your chest. Breath while keeping your back and head on the ground.

The bridge is another great exercise to help your back while also strengthening your spine.

6/ Strengthen your back

Lie down on your stomach, your shoulders lowered and your head raised while extending your body.  Raise your left arm and your left leg simultaneously then alternate. Contract your stomach with each in breath but make sure you don’t put too much pressure on the back.


Always remember to stand up straight during the day as it will become habitual.  You could have an alarm that vibrates every 10 minutes to remind you to straighten your posture. 

Avoid a bad mattresses.  It is important to have a good mattress if you want to straighten an arched back.  The mattress should not be too hard or too soft! 

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