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Practical tips for couples with babies

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Practical tips for couples with babies
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It is wonderful to have a baby and pamper this little bundle of joy, however a parent’s life is far from restful! You need lots of love for your child to carry out the multitude of daily tasks and chores. These practical tips will give new parents a little helping hand when carrying out daily baby care tasks.  Read on further to find out how to make you life a little easier. 

1) Add part of a pool float stick to your baby carrier to help transport your baby more comfortably!

You little baby doesn’t weigh very much but the baby car seats are not the most comfortable things to carry.  Add part of a pool float stick to the handle to make it more comfortable to carry.  It will relieve the pressure from your hand making it less painful.

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2) You need to know this folding technique when carrying a spare pare of clothes!

Fold the clothes lengthwise by placing the socks horizontally.  Roll the whole thing and block the cloths with the sock so that you have a sort of sausage roll.

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3) Is it hard for your baby to sleep without you there?  Here is a reassuring tip!

Fill up a glove full with rice and sew it together or stick it together with strong glue.  This will give you an extra hand that you can place protectively on your baby to help it fall asleep.

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4) Space saving tip: roll your clothes!

It is hard to resist buying every body suit that you see… they are so cute that we soon have drawers piled high with collections of clothes you’ve bought plus ones your friends and relatives had a hard time resisting too!  Rolling up clothes will save more space and it is quick to do.  This is a little piece of essential advice which can change everything. This and organising your clothes vertically as can be seen in the picture below.

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5) Having an under the bed light is a great idea to adopt

This is a great idea to help your child get used to falling asleep in the dark. This means that your child appears to be in a darkened room and it means that you don’t have to keep a light illuminated over night.

6) To prevent your child from moving it’s hands around too much when you do a nappy change

Fold their little arms onto their chest and wrap the body suit over their arms making sure it is not too tight so that it doesn’t hurt your baby.  Now you will be free to change your baby without their arms getting in the way!

Credits : One Crazy House
Credits : One Crazy House

7) Put a second nappy on your baby before changing so as to avoid accidents.

Peeing or flows which happen without warning can be prevented from making a mess by getting caught by this second nappy. This new, clean nappy will be ready to wrap around your baby as soon as the dirty nappy has been removed.

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