Aubergine water: combats abdominal fat and cholesterol

Aubergine water: combats abdominal fat and cholesterol
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Keeping an eye on your weight and your cholesterol have become two very important measures for anyone who wants to stay in good health. Apart from the simple question of aesthetics, excess fat has harmful effects on your health and can lead to heart disease, diabetes or joint problems. Developing healthy habits and following simple health tips are recommended for a healthy body. 

Aubergine water is a detox option that supports the metabolism and helps control blood sugar levels. It can not only promote weight loss, help burn more calories and eliminate bad fats thanks to its antioxidants and fibres, but it also contains very few calories and is full of nutrients. It is good for the liver and can protect it from fats. The vitamin E contained in aubergines is excellent for circulation, but aubergines also contain other components such as minerals like sodium and potassium (which look after the nervous system and the cardiovascular system). They are also rich in magnesium and iron, meaning they also look after the immune system and help support health in people suffering from anaemia. Here is how to prepare aubergine water.

What you need:

  • A medium sized organic aubergine
  • The juice of one lemon (go organic for better taste and more antioxidants)
  • A litre of water
  • A glass container


1) Wash the aubergine with care, using apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate of soda if possible.

2) Next dice the aubergine into large cubes and add it to the water.

3) You can add the lemon juice at this point if you like.

4) Keep the mixture in the fridge overnight. It will be ready for consumption the next day.

Drink it every day for 7 consecutive days each month. You can alternatively drink it 3 times a week or any time you have a craving. Don’t drink it all in one go, spread it out instead throughout the day (for example, before each meal). Note that raw aubergine is not good to eat -you should always cook it.

Like with any fat burning and health promotion remedies, it is recommended that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and look after your diet. There is no such thing as a miracle cure, and nothing will protect your body from excesses.