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Anti-aging mask:  simple recipe for radiant and firm skin

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Anti-aging mask:  simple recipe for radiant and firm skin
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With time our complexion loses its brightness and our skin starts to sag. These signs appear more often as we start to reach older age.  It is an impossible process to stop but despite the fact that it is an unavoidable stage you can use adapted face cares which can give your skin a boost and help slow down the effects.  This anti-aging mask is very simple to make and is very effective at brightening and firming up your skin.  

What you need:

  • 1 tablespoon of green clay
  • 1 tablespoon of bourrache oil (excellent for mature skin)

These ingredients can be bought in a wholefoods shop, pharmacy or online.

Steps :

1) Pour the two ingredients into a bowl that is well cleaned and sterilised.

2) Mix together using a sterilised spoon.

3) Apply the mask on your entire face carefully avoiding the contours of your eyes.

4) Wait for fifteen minutes so that the mask can take effect then rinse off using warm water. Make sure you rinse off the mask delicately and don’t be too vigorous.

5) Hydrate your skin with your usual moisturiser which is adapted to your skin type.


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