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Animal hair: Simple tip to reduce hair loss

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Animal hair: Simple tip to reduce hair loss
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You love your cat or dog and their soft coat of fur more than anything.  However when you find animal hair everywhere it is a real pain.  It manages to get into everything, even places you don’t even expect.  Be careful as hairs can easily slip into a casserole dish, your dinner plate and then your mouth.  We’re sure you have tried hundreds of techniques to help get rid of animal hair but are perhaps struggling to find one that works.   But instead of shaving all their hair off or making them wear a jacket inside, you can try this simple technique to reduce hair loss.   

What you need:

  • Rapeseed oil


1) Find yourself some rapeseed oil.

2) Pour a few spoons onto your pet food.

This oil is great for your animal’s skin and for their nails but it is also excellent for their hair.  This is why it can help reduce hair loss.

The more adventurous types could also try and slip capsules of cold liver oil and hide it in their pet’s food  or on a piece of cheese.

If you think that your animal’s hair loss is abnormal then you should organise a vet appointment without delay.


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